Creative Direction, Design Management ◌ 2021–2022

SkimmU Virtual Event Series

SkimmU was a free, virtual live educational series theSkimm offered in which each “semester” of four courses covered a different overarching topic.

My role in SkimmU 2022 was primarily three-part:
creative / being a thought partner cross-functionally and guiding the creation of a scalable identity and overseeing its implementation throughout integrated components,
user experience / helping the product designer map out a user journey and design for the best user experience on an event platform called Swoogo that we massaged to be aligned with our design system, and
design management / orchestrating the process and timeline of how the hundreds of design assets across our website, newsletters, and app, social media, the event page, and the virtual live event itself would come together.

◌ Digiday Media Awards Finalist for Best Virtual Event Series, 2022

Design lead: Dan Giunta
Motion design: Sawhorse Productions